About the Journal

Khalifah : Jurnal Pendidikan Nusantara provides an opportunity for researchers and professionals in the field of education to discuss issues regarding development and innovation to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. The same thing is also done to address the increasingly complex role of educators and education personnel in Indonesia, by offering various perspectives on common problems and providing a forum for sharing ideas, information and expertise. This journal examines research in all areas of educational institutions in Indonesia from kindergarten to tertiary level, both under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Religion, discussing the fields of learning, management, educational technology and others.

The Editorial Team and Reviewer Team in this journal are volunteers who want to advance our nation. We founded this journal publication to help contribute to the development of Indonesian research. The figure of Mu'afifah as Editor-in-Chief and Head of Shofa Script Tutoring who continues to enthusiastically invite research lovers to contribute to journal writing in Khalifah : Jurnal Pendidikan Nusantara.

Khalifah : Jurnal Pendidikan Nusantara continues to be committed to making publication easier for students, lecturers and other researchers. We will continue to collaborate with associations or associations, universities, and educational institutions from elementary school to high school. We will invite them to collaborate in developing quality and intelligent research results in Indonesia.